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Winter Quarter 2024 Elections

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Huscii Developer Club

Winter Quarter Elections

Elections will be held online on Monday, January 15th! check discord for more info.

If you are interested in running Check out the proclamations channel in the members only section of the discord and follow the link there to submit your campaign application. If you are not currently a member check out welcome channel for information on how to join!

In order to be eligible to run for office you must:

  • be a member in good standing with the club
  • have not held the office for which you are running for two or more consecutive quarters
  • not be graduating before the end of spring quarter 2024.

Officer position descriptions:


  • Leader of the club. Sets agenda for the quarter and works with the officers and club members to host events and undertake projects.
  • Oversee events & club operations
  • Runs general membership meetings.
  • Permitted to name Committee members and Committee Chairs to organize and empower club members.

Vice President

  • Co-Leader of the club. Shares responsibility of the President.
  • All powers are shared with the President except in the case of either position taking unilateral action, in which the President may overrule the Vice President.


  • Manages club finances and keeps track of club resources.
  • Responsible for any interactions between the club and the University of Washington or any other party regarding income, earnings, and taxes.


  • Manages event organization and scheduling.
  • Will be required to take the RSO Event Space Reservation training module offered by the University in order to carry out proper event management privileges.
    • In the event no other currently standing officers have taken this module, it is the Secretary’s responsibility to enlist one other officer (preferably the President) to take it as well.
  • General club management activities including working with other officers to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of club business.